Using Digital Humanities Tools to Consider the Spectacle of Modernist Scholarship

I am pleased to announce that the seminar I am co-directing with Tanya Clement for MSA14 has reached its capacity. We will have our participants ask directed questions about the “New Modernist Studies” (see Douglas Mao and Rebecca Walkowitz) and write a short blog about what they expect to find in modernist research over the past ten years. For example, I might posit that more research is being conducted on middlebrow authors and works than traditionally “modernist” authors–is this true? We will run the data from the MSA’s flagship journal, Modernism/modernity through Stefan Sinclair and Geoffrey Rockwell’s text-visualization tool Voyant to reveal what has actually been talked about in our community over the past ten years. What will text analysis reveal to us about our scholarship and publishing practices? We’ll find out in October.

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