James Joyce’s Ulysses

Evening Telegraph 16 June 1904 (download a complete edition @ Split Pea Press)

A collection of some of my favourite online resources for teaching James Joyce’s Ulysses

Teaching Guides

  1. Michael Groden: Notes on James Joyce’s Ulysses
    Most Joyceans are indebted to the teaching, research, and generosity of Michael Groden at Western. He maintains an excellent teaching site that is hard to match. 
  2. Notes on James Joyce’s Ulysses created by Gerry Carlin & Mair Evans
    An excellent site that combines schema, scholarly commentary, homeric parallels, maps, etc. A great resource for first-time readers and scholars alike. 
  3. Grinnell Ulysses Collective: Reading, Smashing, and Playing Ulysses
    One of the newer Joyce platforms that links out to other resources as well as contributes original commentary on the text.   
  4. HyperJoyce
    One of the early “hyper” media Joyce sites. It suffers from a bit of link rot now but still has some useful bibliographies

Historical Context

  1. History Ireland has put together The Age of Ulysses
    Gives a brief historical account of late-19th-and-early-20th-century Irish history. Easy to digest
  2. Modern Ireland: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford UP)
    Available through UVic Libraries; it gives a more in-depth introduction to modern Irish politics
  3. Measuring Worth
    A site to help you determine how much a given unit of money was worth at a given time 

Ordnance Survey Map of Dublin (1900)

Maps: Dublin and environs

  1. Walking Ulysses: Joyce’s Dublin Today 
    A fun, interactive romp through Ulysses
  2. Ordnance Survey Map of Dublin (1900)
    The original detailed map of 1900s Dublin made by the British military for what I’m sure was peaceful intent
  3. Jack McCarthy with Danis Rose, Joyce’s Dublin: A Walking Guide to “Ulysses” on Michael Groden’s website
  4. Stephen Daedalus’s Dublin
    Okay, so I’m cheating a little bit. This site follows Stephen through Dublin in A Portrait


  1. Modernist Versions Project
    A bunch of Ulysses Material, including the 1922 Shakespeare & Company edition, Judge Woolsey’s decision, and much more
  2. 1st Edition, Shakespeare & Co., Paris

    Infinite Ulysses
    Amanda Visconti’s groundbreaking online version of the text. Create an account and make your own annotations

  3. Columbia University’s Annotated and Colour-coded Ulysses.
  4. Ulysses Seen
    Comic adaptation of the novel. One of my favourite versions of the text (great iPad app too)

Journals & Such

James Joyce Online Notes

Open-access journal. Editors: Harald Beck & John Simpson. Advisory editors: Hans Walter Gabler & Vincent Deane

James Joyce Quarterly
Print journal established by Thomas Staley at the University of Tulsa. Current editor, Sean Latham. 

Some Important Versions of Ulysses

For a definitive study of the publication history of Ulysses, see “A Draft for Ulysses in Print: the Family Tree”, an Installation for the Exhibition

1918-20 (periodical) The Little Review (incomplete)
1919 The Egoist (incomplete)
1922 (book) [February] Shakespeare & Co., Paris (complete)
1922 (book) [October] Egoist Press, London (complete) 
1926-27 (periodical) Two Worlds Monthly, Samuel Roth (incomplete pirated edition)
1929 (book) New York, Samuel Roth (complete pirated edition)
1932 (2 vol. book) Odyssey Press, Hamburg
1934 (book) Random House, New York 

How to Read Ulysses

“How to Enjoy James Joyce’s Great Novel Ulysses.” Random House bought advertising space in the Saturday Review of Literature to instruct the public on reading the novel

1984 (3 vol. book) Garland, New York, Gabler Synoptic Edition


  1. Joyce Concordance (Ulysses) 
  2. Ulysses Concordance (Imperial College London)

Formally the best Ulysses concordance on the web, but it seems to have fallen into disrepair. 


  1. Introduction to Ulysses at the British Library
  2. Animated Introduction to James Joyce by The School of Life
  3. Modernism Lab @ Yale

Audio / Podcasts / Music

  1. Archive.org’s full audiobook of Ulysses (listen while you read)
    A good reading that I like to listen to while reading 
  2. James Joyce Reads from Ulysses on OpenCulture
    Hear the author himself
  3. Pronouncing Joyce on James Joyce Online Notes
    Do you really know how to say Chapelizod? (I didn’t)
  4. Frank Delaney’s Re:Joyce
    f you’re planning on sticking around for the next 10 years, follow Frank Delaney’s “spirited, smart and satisfying deconstruction of James Joyce’s Ulysses” in a five-minute podcasts. 
  5. Catalogs and Noise
    A Ulysses Podcast
  6. Music in Ulysses
  7. Music in the Works of James Joyce
    Want to sing along to Joyce? Download sheet music from Ulysses here

Notes, Logic, Etc.

  1. James Joyce Online Notes
  2. Syllogisms Explained

Funeral Procession in Dublin


  1. A Glimpse of James Joyce’s Dublin 
    A Collaboration between The National Library of Ireland and Google Arts and Culture
  2. Joyce Images
    Fun postcards and other ephemera from 1900s Dublin


  1. Genetic Joyce Studies: A Chronology of Ulysses in Proofs: June 1921 to January 1922 (Paris)


  1. Joyce Project’s Money in Ireland
    Great pictures of money in Ireland
  2. Measuring Worth
    A site to help you determine how much a given unit of money was worth at a given time


Joyce Project’s People in Ulysses

First Reviews of Ulysses

  1. New York Times
  2. Carl Jung reviews Ulysses

Find a Reading Group

France: James Joyce à St-Gérand-le-Puy 

UK: The Charles Peake Ulysses Seminar

USA: Washington, D. C.


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