Tag: digital scholarship

Open Modernisms Launched

For the past two years I’ve been leading a team of researchers and developers in the creation of an open coursepack builder for modernist studies. Generously funded through the BCcampus Open Textbook Project, The Modernist Studies Association, and others, OpenModernisms gives teachers the ability to create free coursepacks using public-domain material. We invite everyone to help contribute to affordable education.… Read more →

Modernism/modernity Print Plus platform

We have launched the Modernism/modernity Print Plus platform. For the past two years I have been working with Debra Rae Cohen and Johns Hopkins University Press Journals Division to realize a new publication platform for modernist studies. The Print Plus platform of Modernism/modernity is an open, digital publication platform that is an integral part of Modernism/modernity, the journal of the Modernist Studies Association.The… Read more →