Open Access Projects

mmModernism/modernity Print Plus platform


Working with Johns Hopkins University Press and the Modernist Studies Association, I had the opportunity to collaboratively design and implement an open, digital publication platform, which is an integral part of Modernism/modernity, the journal of the Modernist Studies Association. The primary purpose of the platform is to provide a peer-reviewed, online academic environment for multimedia argument-based research. The Print Plus platform provides scholars of modernity a place to publish article-length pieces with the interactive/visual media embedded in their text. The site encourages author/reader interaction by providing discussion and comment forums. We also hope the platform will cultivate a readership beyond the academy, and as part of our commitment to public humanities, all content on this site is freely accessible.

OpenModsLogoOpen Modernisms

In 2014, an email went out over the Modernist Studies Association List-serv that asked, “can anyone recommend a complete anthology of modernist works?” The discussion was lively and it became quickly apparent that there was no single anthology that could meet every instructor’s needs. So we thought, why not build an open anthology builder that anyone can use? Stephen Ross and I applied for and won a BCcampus Open Textbook Grant that we used to develop an open coursepack builder where teachers can share resources that are made freely available to students. The code is freely available on github.


MVPLogoModernist Versions Project

In 2011, I co-founded the MVP with Stephen Ross in order to create a site where modernist texts could be made freely available and collated with one another in order to generate new scholarship. With a team of international collaborators, we applied for and won a Partnership Development Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. I am now the Director of this project.


Modernist Commons


While a postdoctoral fellow at Dalhousie University in Halifax, I worked with the Islandora team to develop a “digital humanities” solution pack for the Fedora-Commons-based Digital Asset Management System (DAMS). The workflow included adding automatic image OCR using Tesseract, document editing using the Internet Archive Viewer and CWRC’s CWRCwriter, on top of the suite of tools already available in Islandora.


Modernist Journals Project


I served as Project Manager for the Modernist Journals Project, a multi-year National Endowment for the Humanities grant recipient, while pursuing my PhD. I managed a team in digitizing and creating digital surrogates of rare modernist magazines. I gained expertise in the entire digitization workflow from locating rare holdings, to digitizing, to uploading the final product to the web.

Complex Hardware Expertise
Zeutschel Scanners

Software expertise

ABBYY FineReader Professional (OCR software)
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Photoshop
Oxygen XML Editor