Modernism/modernity Print Plus platform

We have launched the Modernism/modernity Print Plus platform. For the past two years I have been working with Debra Rae Cohen and Johns Hopkins University Press Journals Division to realize a new publication platform for modernist studies.

The Print Plus platform of Modernism/modernity is an open, digital publication platform that is an integral part of Modernism/modernity, the journal of the Modernist Studies Association.The primary purpose of the platform is to provide a peer-reviewed, online academic environment for multimedia argument-based research. The Print Plus platform provides scholars of modernity a place to publish article-length pieces with the interactive/visual media embedded in their text. The site encourages author/reader interaction by providing discussion and comment forums. We also hope the platform will cultivate a readership beyond the academy, and as part of our commitment to public humanities, all content on this site is freely accessible.- See more at: