Digital Humanities Courses in the Fall

Registration is now open for the two digital humanities I’ll be teaching this fall (along with some other great courses from Matthew Hiebert and Jentery Sayers)

Digital Humanities 250
Theme: “Books and Bytes”

This course provides an introduction to the technologies of textual
transmission. From the first writing technologies in Babylon to the
keyboards and screens on our smartphones, writing has been
interdependent on technological innovations that have affected
communications and social dynamics. You will learn about the history of
textual transmission by exploring rare books in our special collections while
also learning to manipulate text through digital techniques, including
Geographic Information Systems (GIS), text-mining, and web editors.

This course is ideal for undergraduates with an interest in textual
studies, information technology, and book history. No previous
experience with textual studies or book history is required. The course
also serves as a prerequisite for upper-level DHum offerings.

DHum 250: Digital Representation and Creation | 13825 | UVic Calendar
Instructor: Matthew Huculak (
T 9:30-10:20am in Clearihue C111 | WF 9:30-10:20am in Clearihue A108
Prerequisite: DHum 150 or permission of


Digital Humanities 350 (Fall 2014)
Theme: “Building a Digital Edition”

This hands-on course will teach students to digitize print objects as
well as publish their own work in the digital medium. All assignments
will be directed toward the final project in which we will produce an
online portfolio of our work. We will learn about Content Management
Systems like WordPress, the digital edition workflow, as well as tools
developed by digital humanities to explore texts in new ways.

This is an ideal course for those who are interested in publishing,
have an idea for a zine or novel, or simply love thinking about new
ways of reading. No previous experience with digital editions is required.

DHum 350: Electronic Publishing and Analysis | 13827 | UVic Calendar
Instructor: Matthew Huculak (
T 2:30-4:20pm in Clearihue A108 | F 2:30-3:20pm in Clearihue C111
Prerequisite: DHum 150 or permission of

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