I teach the introduction to web design and writing course at the University of Victoria. I also work with my colleagues to create project designs and web layouts.


From Victoria to Vimy


The font for this design is copperplate gothic, which we found to be the dominant font from papers in our archival collections. The blue circle is the original blue used in the precursor to the Royal Air Force.






Coaster Design

The maple leaf has a rich history in Canadian identity: the service members of WWI wore a green left (here, adapted to red) to symbolize their country of origin.










Linked Modernisms

LinkedModernism3In 2010, I had the opportunity to travel to Newfoundland, where I fell in love with the natural landscape as well as the vestiges of early transatlantic communication. Dr. Stephen Ross asked me to design a logo for his new project, Linked Modernisms, and I decided to play with a cross section of the first transatlantic cable, which arrived in Newfoundland–in that moment of modernity that electronically “linked” two continents.


Forum for Your Ideas (FYI)fyi

My colleagues, Drs. Kim McLean Fiander and Rebecca Gagan started a lecture series for members of the English department to showcase incipient work in a supportive environment. I wanted to capture the spirit of new ideas (and our collective coffee addictions); though I should note Dr. McLean Fiander makes an excellent tea.



Gisèle Freund Exhibition


It was  difficult to come up with a logo for an exhibition based on the work of a world-class photographer. As I read through the collections of Gisèle Freund @UVIC, her humanity, passion, and love-for-the-world really came through. I paired her signature with her preferred closing for close friends, “love.” She once wrote, “When you do not like human beings, you cannot make good portraits.” Her beautiful portraits speak to a delight in her human subjects.





Modernist Versions ProjectMVPLogo

When Stephen Ross and I started the Modernist Versions Project at DHSI in 2011, we needed a logo to capture the various states of a work as it was written/published over time. I decided to combine a typewriter-like font with a blue editorial mark for the “v”.