Upcoming Talks


  • March 12, 1:30-2:00, “Righting Copy Wrongs: The Book in the Era of Perpetual Copyright” with Dr. Matt Huculak (University of Victoria Libraries)
    With the advent of mass electronic communication and a radical shift in the idea of a “book,” Dr. Huculak explores how software licensing schemes like “copyleft” are challenging notions of authorship and material production.


  • November, Modernist Digital Pedagogy in the Classroom. Modernist Studies Association
  • August 11, “Connecting Libraries and Digital Humanists,” University of Seattle, invitation by Gale/Cengage
  • June 8-12, Understanding the Pre-Digital Book. Digital Humanities Summer Institute
  • May 25-29, “Introduction to DH” for the Graduate Certificate in the Digital Humanities @UVIC


  • “Reading Forensically: Modernist Paper, Media, and Trans-Atlantic Materiality.”  Modernism and/as Media Workshop. University of Alberta, Edmonton.
  • “From Paris to Victoria: The James Joyce Photographs of Gisèle Freund.” University of Victoria, British Columbia
  • “Digital Humanities in the English Department.” Wilkes University, Pennsylvania.


  • “Bloom’s Movements: The Serial Ulysses.” Modernist Studies Association, Brighton, UK.
  • “Archiving Failure in the University Library: Digital Scholarship and the Preservation of Speculative Projects.” NYU, New York.
  •  “Using Omeka to create Online exhibitions.” Electronic Textual Cultures Laboratory’s Nuts & Bolts Series, University of Victoria.
  • “Pirates and Para.txts: Samuel Roth and the Versioned Ulysses.” North American James Joyce Conference, Charleston, South Carolina.


  •  “Making Spectacles of Ourselves: Modernism and Social Media.” The Modernist Studies Association, Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • “Using Digital Humanities Tools/Visualizing Modernism.” Modernist Studies Association, Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • “Textual Performance in Ulysses: Versioning Print Processes.” Electronic Textual Cultures’ Lab Brown Bag Lecture Series. Victoria, British Columbia.


  • “The Problem of Data in ‘Comprehensive’ Repositories: The Modernist Periodicals Database.” Modernist Studies Association, Thirteenth Annual Conference, Buffalo, New York.
  • “Stab Him Dead!: The Middlebrow Virginia Woolf and J. C. Squire in The London Mercury.” The Space Between Conference, Montréal, Québec.
  •  “The Metropole in Montréal: Le Nigog and Avant-garde Periodical Production in Québec.” The Association of Canadian and Québec Literatures Annual Conference. Fredericton, New Brunswick.


  •  “Modernist Digital Networks: An Infrastructure for Digitizing Modernist Print Culture.”Modernist Studies Association Twelfth Annual Conference. Victoria, British Columbia.
  •  “Technologies and Collaboration II.” Conference on Editorial Problems. Toronto, Ontario.