Dr. J. Matthew Huculak, 2015

I am Postdoctoral Fellow of Digital Scholarship at the University of Victoria Libraries in British Columbia. I am a professor, researcher, and budding librarian/archivist. I work at the intersections of libraries, archives, the academy, and digital scholarship.

I am co-founder and Director of two grant-funded open access initiatives: The Modernist Versions Project  (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Partnership Development Grant) and  Open Modernisms (BCcampus Open Textbook Project Grant). I am also the Managing Editor of the open Modernism/modernity Print Plus platform at the Johns Hopkins University Press Journals Division.

I am the former Project Manager for the Modernist Journals Project and editorial assistant at the James Joyce Quarterly. I teach DH every June at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI).

My research interests include libraries & archives, book history, periodical studies, publishing, digital humanities, and digital scholarship more broadly.


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